Meet the dynamo behind the Kalicube sensation, Jason Barnard. He’s not just a CEO; he’s a serial entrepreneur with a trail of successful ventures to his name. Kalicube stands tall as the vanguard in the realm of digital marketing and Google specialization. But Jason’s journey is a tapestry of perseverance, with beginnings in 1991 when he established his record company. By 2007, Jason was making waves in the kids’ media space with Bluedog, a site that soared to the top 10,000 globally. Yet, success wasn’t without its trials. He faced a heart-wrenching moment when his business partner at Bluedog wrested control, but ever the phoenix, Jason rose, channeling his experiences and passion into Kalicube.

In this riveting episode, we delve into the essence of effective niching, emphasizing the wisdom behind Jason’s words, “When you try to serve everybody, you serve nobody.” We explore the virtue of long-term thinking in business, emphasizing the importance of steadfastness in strategy execution. Moreover, the synergy between personal values and those of a business partner is underscored, drawing from Jason’s poignant experience with Bluedog. And for those wondering about the catchphrase “Kalicube, it’s not just Jason,” tune in to discover its origin and the story behind it. Dive deep into Jason’s world; it promises to be an enlightening ride. Don’t miss out; hit play now!

Video by: Gathering The KingsHost: Chaz Wolfe. Guest: Jason Barnard. November 18, 2023.

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