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How Does Google’s Opinion of You Dictate Your Buyer’s Behavior? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this video, entrepreneur and CEO of Kalicube, Jason Barnard walks us through a potential buyer’s thought process and behavior before purchasing high-ticket products and services. He emphasizes that Google’s opinion of you affects how your target audience sees you. Your personal brand is what Google says it is. Watch the video right to the end.

What you’ll learn:

00:00 Guillaume Jouvencel and Jason Barnard
0:01 Why Does a Large Search Volume Not Necessarily Translate to Higher Sales for a Business?
0:17 Why is it a Misconception that Ranking First in SEO Guarantees High Sales?
0:47 Why Do Consumers Research Before Buying Reasonably-priced Products Instead of Choosing the First Search Result?
1:04 What is the Difference Between Search and Research?
1:42 Why Do Clients Want to Know the Personal Background of a Business Leader before Purchasing Services?
1:59 How Does Google Search Results Influence Potential Clients’ Perceptions of Your Personal Brand?

“This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the GHA Marketing Podcast.” Watch the full episode here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhctP3uI_lY

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Transcript from How Does Google’s Opinion of You Dictate Your Buyer’s Behavior? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

Jason Barnard: A lot of people get confused or forget that small volume is not necessarily bad. If I’ve got 100,000 people seeing my search result, but they’ve got no idea who I am, how likely are they to buy from me? And that’s typically what SEO does, what search engine optimization does. It says if you rank number one, you’re at the top. Somebody searching for podcast agency or podcast production services will click on the first link and buy. And that’s very, very unlikely.

Guillaume Jouvencel: Right.

Jason Barnard: So SEO is founded on not a mistaken idea, but a distorted idea. That might be true if I’m buying something that costs a euro, €2, €3, maybe €5. If I’m buying a reasonably-priced product or service, I will not buy from the first person that Google shows me on a search result for a generic term like podcast marketing services. What I [00:01:00] will do is research and this is the key for me. The word research and search are very similar, but they’re not the same.

The person will research you and they will research you not only on Google, but also YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Forbes magazine, podcastingservicesmedia.com. Whatever your industry media site is, people will not engage with you and buy a high-ticket service without researching you. Searching is part of it, but it’s not the whole story. But most journeys will include a search on your personal name or a brand name, your corporation name. And as a business leader, you will know people do business with people.

And if they’re going to buy a service from your company where you’re taking their reputation in your hand by producing a podcast for them, they want to know who you personally are, Guillaume. And they’re likely to search your name. And what they see when they search your name will establish in their mind Google’s opinion of you. And they’re using Google because they trust Google. So Google’s opinion will become at least partially their opinion. Your brand, your personal brand is what Google says it is.

That’s huge.

This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the GHA Marketing hosted by Guillaume Jouvencel.

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