Crafting your brand SERP—best practices from Jason Barnard, THE Brand SERP guy

Published on SE ranking April 03, 2020 (Svetlana Shchehel)

These are citations of Jason Barnard’s work:

  • “The crucial fact here is that every type of searcher is either already doing business with you or is making the decision right now. What they see is incredibly important to your entire business strategy as they’re the people who really matter to your bottom line. And what they see may look perfect, good or not quite. Jason Barnard‘s personal Brand SERP currently looks like this, and he claims that it is not yet perfect. 
Jason Barnard Brand SERP

So, if your Brand SERP doesn’t currently feature Sitelinks, the Knowledge Graph, or Twitter Boxes, there’s a lot for you to learn and do.”

  • What makes a Brand SERP “sexy”

According to Jason, a “sexy” Brand SERP is the one that looks and feels great. It features some Rich Elements and not just the ten boring blue links. It is accurate, positive and convincing.

A “sexy” SERP is accurate, positive and convincing.

15% of brands have knowledge panels. If you don’t have the knowledge panel today, you don’t look very professional. Jason believes that now when we search for a brand, we expect to see a knowledge panel. A knowledge panel shows what Google has understood about the brand and what it does. Knowledge panels look very professional and convincing. 

Asana Knowledge Panel in Brand SERP

So, let me once again stress that getting some of the rich elements listed above makes your Brand SERP look convincing. As long as they’re accurate and positive, they help you tick all three boxes. Besides, thanks to rich elements, you will only have five to seven blue links in your Brand SERP to worry about. And here’s where Jason’s other strategies of optimizing the Brand SERP come in handy.

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