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Grandma Koala

Grandma Koala is a fictional character who appears in the Boowa & Kwala television series and web series. In both the television series and web series she is voiced by Céline Chevrier.

Television series:

In the television series, produced in 2007 by ITV Studios, UpToTen and Radio Canada and screened on television in over 20 countries around the world, Grandma Koala appears in multiple episodes including The Garden Orchestra, and Sweet or Salty.


She sings vocals on several tracks on the Boowa & Kwala music album “53 Bright Songs From The TV Series” including lead vocals on the song Salt Is Salty Sugar Is Sweet and a guest appearance on the song The Twirly Dance Game.

Fictional family:

Grandma Koala is Kwala‘s grandmother.
She is Grandpa Koala‘s wife.
She is Mummy Koala‘s mother.
She is Daddy Koala‘s mother-in-law.


The role of Grandma Koala is played by Céline Chevrier.


The Boowa & Kwala fictional universe was created by Véronique Barnard and Jason Barnard.

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