The rise of Answer Engine Optimization: Why voice search matters

Published on SearchEngineWatch February 07, 2018 (Rebecca Sentance)

This is the part of the article that cites/qoute Jason Barnard:

Jason Barnard emphasized that the key to answer engine optimization is in specifics: letting Google (or another answer engine) understand what it is that you’re offering.

“It’s very important to bear in mind that if Google is to give a specific answer, it needs very specific, detailed information in order to present it.

“In the example of a pizza, if somebody says, ‘I would like the cheapest pizza in the area’, Google needs to know what the prices of the pizzas are in the shops around. If they say, ‘I want pepperoni pizza’, it would be really helpful if Google knew the menu.

“And if you ask for a pepperoni pizza, and Google knows that one pizzeria does it but isn’t sure if the other one does, it will present the one it knows offers pepperoni pizza. That’s the idea of specifics.”

“The single most important thing in AEO and in SEO is communicating about your brand, protecting it and promoting it,” said Jason Barnard.

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