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Jason Barnard is the author of The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business. He’s a digital marketing consultant who specializes in Brand SERPs and knowledge panels. Jason is the host of With Jason Barnard, a podcast about Entrepreneurship, Business, and Marketing.

Your Brand SERP is what your audience sees when they google your brand or personal name. Using the database in Kalicube Pro SaaS platform, Jason has been tracking and analyzing over 70,000 brands across a dozen countries. Your Brand SERP is your new business card, an honest critique of your content strategy, and a reflection of your brand’s digital ecosystem.

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Published by Messages & Methods: Livecast Life 2.0. October 27, 2022. Host: Shelley Carney & Toby Younis. Guest: Jason Barnard, Founder and CEO at Kalicube.

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