Predictions And SEO Advice for 2020

Published on Stateofdigital January 2020 (Laurence O’Toole)

Laurence O’Toole’s article is talking on thoughts of SEO experts on what 2020 might bring and what their SEO strategies are for the year 2020.

Here is Jason Barnard’s contribution to this article:

SERPs Changes

Jason Barnard, founder of, believes the slow demise of traditional blue links will continue, as Google adds more rich elements to each SERP, and adds more variants into the mix. Digital marketers will need to switch focus to optimise for these, and learn to make the best of the no-click SERP scenario. He also expects more major updates to the Knowledge Graph (a specialism of his);

“In summer 2019, Google made a massive update to the Knowledge Graph, updating the saliency scores and expanding the number of entities.  In 2020, the number of entities in Knowledge Graph will expand further, and Google will improve ontological classification, returning less related entities, but more refined results. This will be seen in an expansion of knowledge panels in the SERPs for people and brand searches, a rise in related entities within the Knowledge Panel and an expansion of the number of secondary knowledge panels “See results about”.  This means 2020 will be the year of the Brand SERP!”.

Jason Barnard

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