Episode 1: Getting to Grips with AEO: Answer Engines are here to stay

This is the first episode in the Epic series, Answer Engine Optimisation (the future of SEO). Today’s guests are Andy Drinkwater, Barry Schwartz, Craig Campbell.

Jason likes the idea that search engines are kind of vertical and answer engines are kind of horizontal. With a search engine, you type in and it gives you a list. A vertical list that you can scroll down and choose. But just one format of result – the blue link. With an answer engine, however, whether it’s typed or voice, the playing field is much more horizontal, i.e. you need to optimize for different formats so that you can be present on all these different devices.

Here are some considerations for businesses and marketers…

  1. Can you answer the question?
  2. Is your answer in a suitable format?
  3. Can you feed that answer to the service (Google, Alexa, Bing) i.e. through Yelp, Google, Bing or whatever?
  4. Ensure the service understands you. Whichever service that might be.
  5. Ensure the service sees you as the most credible. That was the E-A-T idea that Craig mentioned.
  6. Provide the content in a format they need. Otherwise, you can never be presented as the best answer because they cannot present you if the format is wrong.

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Published by: Semrush. Host: Jason Barnard. Guests: Andy Drinkwater, Barry Schwartz, Craig Campbell. September 4, 2018

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