Thumbnail: SEO And The Rise of AEO

Where is SEO going in 2018? How does the advent of voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google change the search engine landscape? Are retailers equipped for the new change coming to SEO?

Join us for a conversation with Jason Barnard (SEO expert) and Chee Lo (Head of SEO), where we navigate through the changing world of SEO, AEO (answer engine optimisation) and show you how you can succeed in a new search environment.

Watch this insightful webinar to learn:

 The tactics that improve SEO and AEO
 The two main pillars that will drive AEO success
 How companies can succeed in a changing SEO environment
 Strategies companies can implement today to succeed in 2018

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Webinar published by Trustpilot January 31, 2018. Host: Chee Lo. Guest: Jason Barnard, founder and CEO at Kalicube.

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