Tom Pool, Faisal Anderson and Julien Deneuville are discussing Log file Analysis – What You Should Be Looking For and is hosted by Jason Barnard.

Tom Pool is a technical SEO at BlueArray and is looking after the technical output of the Agency. He loves speaking & training on all things around SEO, especially Tech SEO.

Faisal Anderson loves Python and Tech SEO. He is a technical SEO EMEA at LiveArea and a speaker, trainer and MOZ contributor.

Julien Deneuville lives in Reims, France. He is a technical SEO and owner of Databulle, an OnCrawl ambassador as well as a speaker, trainer and event organizer.

Published by: Authoritas. Host: Jason Barnard. Guests: Tom Pool, Faisal Anderson, and Julien Deneuville. May 6, 2020.

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