What are Jason Barnard’s professions?

What is Jason Barnard’s profession / job ?

Jason Barnard is currently a Digital Marketer. He works as a consultant, but also speaks at conferences and hosts the #SEOisAEO Digital Marketing Podcast. His initial career path should have been Economics since he has a degree in Economics. However, Jason moved from there to a music career, playing double bass in the French Folk-Punk band “The Barking Dogs” from 1989 to 1996. He then created the cartoon series Boowa & Kwala with his wife Véronique – writing the songs, the scripts and voicing Boowa (and 4 other characters in the TV series) in both French and English.

(part time now, full time until 1996)

Voice Over Artist


  • Boowa & Kwala for ITV International (2007)

Website team lead (includes SEO)

Digital Marketing Consultant

2008 – Present

Since 2008 – Currently CEO at Kalicube