Jason Barnard, SEO consultantConsultant in Web Marketing / SEO

  • Lecturer University of Mauritius (2010)
  • IVTB Mauritius Certified Trainer in SEO (2009)
  • BA (hons) Economics Liverpool (final year module in statistics)
  • SEO Workshop Host / Public Speaker

Current client list


  • SEO on the UpToTen kids’ website from 1999-2007 (peaked at over 1 million visits / month from organic).
  • Music and Cartoons
  • HTML / PHP coding (see here)

Current (2013 /2014):

  • Tripled organic traffic for First Vehicle Leasing in just 14 months. This is a HIGHLY competitive UK market, and we are still going strong.
  • Successfully moved the Aquarelle site to a new design with new URL structure without loss of SERP visibility
  • 50% boost in local organic traffic to OdeAlaRose
  • Successfully managed two Penguin recoveries (clients to remain nameless)
  • Hit the ground running with Hummingbird:
    Ongoing clients receiving significantly more organic traffic for month N 2014 vs. same month in 2013
  • Constantly analysing, researching, listening, questioning, testing, checking… and learning

I offer (in French or in English)

  • consultancy (monthly retainer)
  • in-house consultancy (by the day)
  • public speaking about SEO (entertaining and informative)
  • SEO workshops (personalised, actionable and… fun)
  • Live music

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The science of SEO is knowing the techniques…
The Art is predicting the outcome of their application.