Branded SERP is the digital storefront of your brand. If another site is winning for your branded searches, they could be gaining traffic from your brand name, or worse, hurting your image.

Watch our webinar Branded SERP: The Secret to Ranking Higher to get a better understanding of branded search terms, related SERP features, and the tools you need to climb up the rankings. Join Jason Barnard, an industry expert in branded SERP, and Gerald Murphy, our SEO Senior Solution Business Manager, as they go through best practices that enhance your brand and increase visibility.

Learn more about:

  • How to get your brand to rank for top SERP spots
  • Reasons why building a strong branded SERP helps your SEO strategy
  • When your company should prioritize branded SERP over non-branded
  • Why beginner and advanced SEOs should focus on branded SERP

Published by: Similarweb. Presenters: Jason Barnard, Gerald Murphy. August 12, 2021.

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