Doing SEO on branded terms might seem simple, unprofitable, or perhaps even unnecessary. Not true. Starting with the exact match Brand SERP, and moving outwards to informational queries around the brand and questions about the brand, optimizing results for all manner of branded terms is intricate, vital to your business, and pays dividends.

Koray Gübür, Olesia Korobka, and Dave Davies join Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) to walk you through:
why optimizing branded search is so important,
techniques and strategies to do it effectively and efficiently,
how to measure your success ultimately converting more bottom-of-funnel prospects and vastly reducing client churn.

Bonus: allocating just a small of your SEO efforts on branded search is the best way to build a more effective content strategy and vastly improve your E-A-T (with no extra effort required).

Video by: Duda. Guest: Jason Barnard. Host: Olesia Korobka

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