#SEOisAEO Digital Marketing Podcast

The most fun you’ll ever have 
learning about digital from the experts

I have given up my flat and gone 100% nomad in 2019 – attending / speaking at conferences around the world, and interviewing experts on the future of Assistive / Answer Engines…

Each interview will cover a specific topic at expert level. I expect the conversations to be informative, intelligent and fun (just like the webinar series).

The ambiance of the conference setting plus the one-on-one format gives the podcast an extra bit of ‘soul’.

Podcast guests include

Aleyda Solis, Will Critchlow, Anders Hjorth, Véronique Duong, Kelvin Newman, Jono Alderson, James Brockbank, Regine le Roux, Kate Toon, Kristopher Jones, Rand Fishkin, Lydia Arzour, François Goube, Lukasz Zelezny, Alexandra Tachalova, Jason Barnard, Craig Campbell, Simon Cox, Nitin Manchanda, David Sayce, Chris Green, Alina Ghost, Dawn Anderson, Jill Quick, Kevin Gibbons, Nick Wilsdon, Aiden Carroll, Barry Adams, Andrea Volpini, Gennaro Cuofano, Lexi Mills, Martha Van Berkel, Greg Gifford, Juliana Turnbull (aka SEO Jo), Simon Penson, Ross Tavendale, David Bain, Yoost de Valk..T

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#seoisaeo Digital Marketing Podcast

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