Machine Learning & AI in Search

Published on SearchEngineJournal October 12, 2020 (Dave Davies)

These are the parts of the article that cite Jason Barnard:

My Quick Aside to the Interviewer

Barnard begins his interview by declaring about machine learning, “It’s only one of thousands, hundreds of thousands of uses of AI and not necessarily the most interesting.”

Jason … when we’re all allowed to travel again and I see you at a conference, I have a bone to pick with you.

It’s definitely the most interesting use of machine learning.

Finding alien life, curing disease… these are just peripheral niceties. 

E-A-T in Machine Learning

Barnard brings up an important point in the interview that I want to draw readers’ attention to.

He says:

“A great example is E-A-T or expertise, authority and trust.

Google says, “Is this site or authoritative? Is the person or company expert, and can we trust them?”

And that’s a big part of the Quality Raters Guidelines.

So there’s no real way for us to say what the specific factors are.

But we can say that the algorithm is being trained to respect the feedback, both from users and from the Quality Rates of what they perceive to be E-A-T.

So, we don’t know what the factors are, but we can say this is what people perceive to be E-A-T.

And that’s what we should be focusing on, because that’s where the machine will get the results to.”

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