Top 21 Blogging Tools Shared by Experts & Tested by Us

Pulished on Autogrow August 2020 (Matt Ackerson)

An article published on Autogrow discusses the blogging tools by top digital marketing experts.


“My top tools will be Wordlift and SEMrush writing assistant. Google launched their mantra “Things not strings” back in 2012. 8 years on and that approach is now a reality.

Wordlift focuses on “things”. It identifies entities and encourages me to think about the content in terms of entities. Then the software takes it several steps further by adding the schema markup to disambiguate the entities and create a clear semantic context in a language Google can easily digest and understand.

At this stage, Wordlift has made it super easy for Google to understand what I am talking about and in what context… making it MUCH easier for Google to match my page to the intent of the user’s search query.

But Google still uses strings and they remain super important for humans.

SEMrush SEO writing assistant focuses more on the “strings”. It analyses the current ranking pages for the string and extracts the related words those pages use. That allows me to tweak my vocabulary in the context of the current search result landscape and expand the keyword reach of the blog post. Further, thinking in terms of entities can sometimes make my writing a little formal and unattractive for humans. The writing assistant shows me when my style becomes too formal or difficult to read, and helps me correct that.

Bingo! I have content that is understood clearly by Google, covers a range of relevant search queries/keywords, and is also super attractive for humans.”

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